Commute by Bike T-Shirts: Get 'Em Now!

We made a big batch of Commute by Bike t-shirts, and they are available on Bike Bag Shop as of today.

Commute By Bike T-Shirt Megan
Commute By Bike T-Shirt | Photo:

Regular readers will remember a poll that I put up to help decided between two variations on the design, with the promise of five free t-shirts to five commenters to be chosen at random.

And the winners are:

Among the winners, only Nathan preferred the top design. But, Nathan, the good news is that we decided to put the orange-framed bike on the back of the shirt, without the building silhouette.

Our models are Megan and Stu.

Megan just completed a bike tour of Nicaragua and Costa Rica with her 15-month old daughter and Cass Gilbert. (She’s a bit self-conscious about her sunburned arms, so please please don’t mention anything about them in the comments.)

Commute By Bike T-Shirt
Commute By Bike T-Shirt, Back | Photo:

Stuart is an artist, metal worker, and aspiring frame-maker who will be contributing to our coverage of the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS).

You Can Still Win a T-Shirt

We’re going to give away some more shirts, but this time it won’t be luck of the draw. Handmade bike geeks will have a leg up on this one.

Here are Josh’s instructions from his first post on NAHBS.

If you are going to be at the show, we're handing out ten of our newly designed Commute by Bike t-shirts. Post the tweet:

@Commute_by_Bike I'm at #NAHBS and I want to wear a t-shirt!

We'll tweet you back and figure out where you are.

For those of you not at the show, we've got ten more shirts on hold for spotting our t-shirt in NAHBS photos in our blogs or other cycling blogs (not Facebook, though we'll be posting lots of stuff from NAHBS there too). Post the tweet:

@Commute_by_Bike I spotted your t-shirt at #NAHBS at [URL of website page].

We're only giving away one t-shirt per spotting, so keep your eyes peeled. And to play, be sure to follow us on Twitter so we can direct message you and get the t-shirt on the way.

[Note: If you’re not on Twitter, you can send your NAHBS Web sightings of our t-shirts using our contact form.]

And finally, to celebrate the arrival of our t-shirts, we’re going to retire that 2010 Holiday Gift Guide banner and replace it with a banner for our t-shirts.

Commute by Bike 2010 Holiday Gift Guide
It's the end of February 2011. Yeah, it's about time
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