'Riding Is My Antidepressant' (Roundup)

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Let me Google that for you...

Would you buy your fake masters degree from an online diploma mill whose operators don’t even know how to Google search for the top bike commuting blog?

Commute by Bike is not listed among the top 50 bike commuting blogs on MastersDegree.com.

Someone ought to send them this link.

Oh look. They have a contact page!

Commute By Bike

The governor of Jakarta says there aren’t enough cyclists to justify more bike lanes.

Indonesian Cyclist
Indonesian cyclist | Photo: Jakarta Globe

Governor Fauzi Bowo stated that,

If there are 100,000 cyclists out of a population of 9.6 million residents, that's not very many. Bike lanes must be built after careful calculations. It's not good to develop something in a rush.

You could choose to see this as encouraging people to get out of their cars and bike more, and promising bike lanes if they do–If you come, we will build it. Indonesia’s bike advocates see it differently.

Commute By Bike

The list of political leaders who not only encourage cycling, but do it themselves now includes Rahm Emanuel, former chief of staff to President Obama. [Via Cyclelicio.us]

Commute By Bike

We commuters already know the physical and health benefits that go along with cycling. On Cycling.com, Deb Cosgrove writes that she combats her winter cabin fever by getting out of the cabin and onto the bike.

The ice is the most negative, because it discourages my riding, and riding is my antidepressant. After about a week, another snowstorm arrived, but I decided I was going to ride in anyway. I needed to ride. I craved it.

You’re not the only one, Deb.

Utility Cycling

On Utility Cycling, Josh Lipton has written a primer on how to properly carry your stuff.

Now it is time to turn our utility cycling obsessed brains in the direction of a less frequently used method for transporting goods by bicycle, bicycle cargo trailers. Though used by cyclists less frequently than bike bags, bicycle cargo trailers are critical in enabling bicycles to be reliable vehicles of utility when the load gets a bit larger.

Commute By Bike

A most unfortunate belt model | Photo: Sign-o-Bike

Here’s fodder for the cyclists who believe that bike safety is advocated primary as a way of discouraging cycling. I present to you, Sign-o-Bike.

The device is shown here in use with the mythical laser-projected personal bike lane.

The Sign-o-Bike signals left, right, and I’m a dweeb.


Folding Bike
Photo: EcoVelo

Speaking of the nerd factor, EcoVelo wants to know whether you feel self-conscious riding a folding bike with 16″ wheels.

Those 16-inch wheels don’t seem so bad after seeing the fanny pack of hell, now do they?

Go take the poll.

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