Commute by Bike T-Shirts: Be the First Commuter on your Block…

We are going to be printing up some t-shirts for Commute by Bike.

Our graphic designer started playing with variations on the logo, and we couldn’t get a consensus on which of these two we should go with. So we thought we’d poll our readers.

Five poll-takers chosen at random will receive a free t-shirt once a decision is made. You’ll be able to buy the shirts eventually, but at first they’ll be extremely exclusive.

Scroll down to take the poll.

Commute by Bike T-Shirt


If you’d like to be considered for a free t-shirt, be sure to leave a comment with a working e-mail address so we can contact you if you are one of the winners.

Update: The t-shirts are in, and the winners have been announced.

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