Musicians Who Gig with a Bike Trailer Rig

The Haulin’ Bass Project got me wondering about other musicians or bands that use bike trailers, or pedal power exclusively.

Here’s what I turned up:

The Haulin’ Bass Project

Haulin Bass Trailer
Photo: John Teske

John Teske, a Seattle based bassist and composer tows his upright bass on a custom-made bike trailer.

The Pianobike

Via The Salt Lake Tribune

Photo: Steve Griffin | The Salt Lake Tribune

Every Saturday morning, Rich and Baldwin hitch their upright grand piano to a bike and head through the streets of downtown Salt Lake City to Pioneer Park.

The pianobike was an idea that I had and I looked it up on YouTube to see if people had done it yet, Rich said. And yes, people have. Ive been thinking about doing it for about a year.

He turned to his brother, handy with tools, for help. They created a design, and then welded together a piano trailer that connects via a trailer hitch attached underneath the bikes seat.

Pleasant Revolution



The Pleasant Revolution, a band of musicians and bike people, based mostly in the Bay Area and Portland, who toured Europe by cargobike [and bike cargo trailer] for 6 months. Riding from city to city and camping in the countryside, they played both on stage (complete with pedal-powered sound system) and while rolling on two wheels, as you can see on video at Yubas blog here or in this video:watch?v=FbJxxY0zXbU&feature=player_embedded

Blind Pilot

Via We Are The Tide

Photo: We Are The Tide

Blind Pilot has been touring by bike since 2006, and is currently working on a movie documenting their 2008 tour of the West Coast of the United States.

Their love of music and bicycles led them to tour their first self-produced E.P. by bike during the summer of 2006.

After returning, they recorded Three Rounds and a Sound (2008, expunged records), added seven more musicians, were iTunes single of the week, and caught the attention of NPR, but maintained their dedication to what originally inspired them and set off for a bicycle tour once again during the fall of 2008.

Attica! Attica!


Attica! Attica!
Photo: Bill Shouldis |

Aaron Scott did a solo tour in 2009 under the band name Attica! Attica!

He says, Im the only permanent member of the band. Its essentially a solo act where my friends join me sometimes. Backing up his vocals, acoustic guitar, and piano playing will be Blake Jenssen, erstwhile tour manager and mechanic on acoustic guitar, and Jon Olek, also on acoustic guitar and filling in as roadie and jokester in between shows.

I’m sure I missed a few. If you’ve heard of a band or musician that tours by bike and bike cargo trailer, let me know about him/her/it.

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