Burley's New Accessories Trickling Out + Sale Extended

Burley had quite an exciting year on the new product front with the introduction of the Burley Travoy and their updated line of child trailers. Going into 2011 Burley is rounding out 2010’s big introductions with the introduction of new accessories.

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The Burley Travoy was introduced out of the gates with a great selection of bike accessories. The Upper & Lower Market and Transit bags offer great utility for the Travoy while the Travoy cargo tie-down straps are a great solutions for securing bulk loads. The rain cover is a simple, neatly folding away solution for keeping your gear dry.

For 2011 Burley is adding several bags as well as an interesting hitch adapter to their lineup. The new Burley Travoy Duffel Bag priced at $89 is the first single bag for the Burley Travoy that covers the upper and lower sections. This is a great bag for the Travoy if you frequently find yourself carrying longer awkward shaped items or just prefer using just one bag rather than a combination.

In addition, Burley has also come up with a new hitch bracket adapter for the Travoy solving the problem of using this great little trailer on a bicycle with a rear bike rack. This bracket creates a mounting point for the Burley Travoy hitch to be seated on top of the rack. The bracket can be mounted anywhere along the rack with the optimal location being at the front of the rack to keep overall trailer length shorter. The bracket can be moved back along the rack to allow for clearance for a rack-top bag if necessary.

Another new and long anticipated accessory for Burley’s lineup of bike child trailers is the new Burley 2-Wheel Stroller Kit. Priced at $89 this is a big upgrade to Burley’s current strolling system and brings the Burley into competition with Chariot Carriers as a great all purpose unit. Chariot Carriers is re-known for their one carrier for five conditions (bike, jog, stroll, ski and hike) Burley’s new stroller kit makes their products very competitive with Chariot in the realm of biking, jogging and now strolling and they’ve indicated that they are re engineering the discontinued Burley Ski Kit.

With all my excitement for the new products, the current Burley Stroller Kit does offer up some advantages over the two wheeled design in certain situations. It is much easier to use when transitioning from biking to jogging as it simply flips up to the side. Overall, it seems like many Burley customers would appreciate the use of both the old and the new stroller kits depending on if their activity of the day is centered around cycling or strolling.

With that said, the new 2-Wheel Stoller Kit overall makes for a better strolling experience and justifies choosing the Burley has your only stroller. With a tighter turning radius, its great for cramped spaces like grocery stores, ball games and farmers markets. It fits seamlessly onto existing trailer hardware.
Compatible with 2007 and newer DLite, Solo, Encore and Tail Wagon models
Available early Spring 2011 (As soon as we have the confirmed arrival date, we’ll post it at BikeKidShop.com)

Additionally, the time to switch between the tow bar and install the two wheeled stroller kit is about the same as using the single stroller wheel. The handy storage bag makes the two wheeled kit convenient to store and use.

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