'Best of all you won’t feel guilty when you reach for seconds from the holiday dessert tray' (Roundup)

To fill you with Holiday cheer, here’s a Christmas tree made of recycled bikes in the Dutch city of Groningen.

The most wonderful thing about this is that it takes my mind off another Dutch Christmas tradition that makes me so very uncomfortable.

Commute By Bike

Zip Ties for Snow TiresBut let’s return to the many good ideas associated with the word Dutch.

Fritz Rice of the Dutch Bike Co. in Seattle believes he’s found a low-cost alternative to buying studded tires: zip ties.

It’s quick, it’s cheap, and yes, it looks completely ludicrous.

BUT. It works. It works beautifully.

I can accelerate, brake, and corner with aplomb, even on the vile snowpack/sheet ice mix the plows leave in the bike lanes. The zip ties dig nicely into the hardest packed surfaces, but they’re thin enough not to bounce the bike around at low speed or on short pavement sections.

Commute By Bike

Winter Cycling InfographicThere has been no shortage of articles on winter commuting. But what we’ve lacked is an infographic. Until now, thanks to the Toronto Star. If this doesn’t get those hesitant winter cyclists out there on the road, nothing will.

You may look a bit funny. Your friends and colleagues will call you crazy. But it's warmer than walking, and best of all you won't feel guilty when you reach for seconds from the holiday dessert tray.

Commute By Bike

Attention Holiday Shoppers…
Tubus Cargo Rack

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