Neil on the Hunt with a Wandertec BONGO

Neil sent us this intriguing photo from his recent elk hunting trip in Montana. Here is what Neil had to say about the experience:

“I used a Wandertec bicycle trailer to haul my bow, camp, and hunting gear about seven miles from the trailhead. Set-up camp in the dark and was hunting @ first light on Labor Day. I spotted a bull elk coming off the ridge and waited until he had moved down below the trail I was on. Then I moved in above and down wind from him. He proceeded to trash some saplings as I moved in, I ranged him and picked a spot. He went about 25 yards and fell over. My 2010 elk season was over in less than two hours on my first day of hunting. I quartered the elk and packed down the mountain the head and antlers. I was able to strap the head, antlers, hunting pack, and camp onto my Wandertec trailer and pedal back out of the area. The trailer worked great! Thanks for these great products! The ASAT camo kept me undetected as I moved into range and the Wandertec trailer has just opened up a lot of new country for me to hunt.”

Needless to say we were quite impressed by Neil’s adventurous use of the Wandertec BONGO. We’ve been starting to get a trickle in of innovative uses of the BONGO including this recent post on using one to deliver electric bikes.

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