'A bunch of lycra-wearing, leg-shaving, Critical Massing, pedal-pushing hippies'

Hummer ScorecardWe’ve been wondering what the new Congress will do for Federal cycling projects–or do to cycling projects. So has Rick Vosper over at Bike 2.0, and he’s not feeling optimistic at all.

[I]t's a pretty good bet the new Congress isn't going to be very sympathetic to renewing billions of dollars of Federal, State, and/or Local funding for a bunch of lycra-wearing, leg-shaving, Critical Massing, pedal-pushing hippies, dope fiends, and neocrypto Socialist types.

With that bleak perspective, Vosper asks the next obvious question:   What are the bike advocacy groups going to do about it?


Commute By Bike

Rajesh ParmarSheesh! Is it that hard to break the stereotype of a bike commuter?

Well, there’s Rajesh Parmar, who three months ago started biking a seven-minute commute to work.


Parmar is an engineer for the Indian oil company, ONGC.

It wasn't easy for Parmar who faced a lot of difficulties and discouragement from neighbourhood initially. However, he did not let the negativities affect his determination. In fact, he has inspired his colleagues to adopt his idea. Five other people from his office have started commuting to office on cycle and another 10 plan to do so in the coming month.


Here at our world headquarters, we’ve been talking about adding a book section, a reading list, book reviews… something like that.

While we’re figuring that out, here’s the into to Bicycle Diaries, by David Byrne, which is now available as an audiobook.

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