Burley Trailer Blowout Sale

I’m not sure if ‘blowout’ is the correct term, but I thought it sounded exciting to have a ‘blowout’ sale on my favorite bike trailers by Burley. With the holidays in full swing, it’s nice to have 10% off that trailer you’ve had your eye on, but didn’t want to blow too much dough on. Now’s your chance to grab a high quality touring work horse, commuting companion, or kid-mobile at a nice discount now through December 26th!For the Burley Cargo Trailer line up…There’s the Burley Nomad coming in at $315. Normally $349, the Nomad is a sleek, yellow fellow that’s a great all-around trailer. It can flaunt the fact that it’s aggressive, yet light weight and easily maneuverable for a touring expedition, while offering a spacious cargo space and push cart mobility while commuting around town or grocery shopping. User-friendly, multipurpose, ready to roll.Another Burley work horse to consider is the Burley Flatbed Trailer, at the low cost of $225. This is a great deal on a trailer that has been selling for $299. A favorite for outdoors man, lumberjacks, and even bow hunters, this trailer is made for oblong, heavy loads. The Flatbed, as the name insinuates, has a flat cargo bed, with two side panels, and an open ended front and back side. This allows you to load up the trailer with long, bulky items, and not be constricted by an enclosed shell. D-rings are located on the inside of the panels for a place to securely tie down your heavy load. Fill it upwards and outwards with the cargo of your choice.Then there is the Burley Travoy, the trusty commuter and travel cargo trailer at the discounted price of $259 (retail $289). The Travoy is the transformer of cargo trailers, with the ability to go from bike trailer to folded trailer that is the size of a suitcase, handle included. With the unique pivoting seat post mounted design, you can stealthily mouse through traffic with the Travoy tracking right behind. The dream of any big city biker, treat yourself to the trailer no serious commuter should have to do without.And for the Burley Child TrailersThe Burley Solo is the first in the line up. The Solo is great for the single family household that like to ride together. Made for just one child, the Solo is more narrow and nimble than it’s larger siblings. With a large storage area for groceries and the like, and the inner pockets for baby bling, you have enough room for everything to keep both you and your little one comfortable. The Solo can also be converted to a stroller or a jogger with the accessory kits. A great way to combine your hobbies of biking, jogging, and strolling around town, at the low price of $475 (retail $529).Next is the Burley Encore trailer at the reasonable price of $359 (retail $399). The Encore has all of the great benefits of stroller and jogger kit compatibility, as well as comfort, but without all of the bells and whistles of the D’Lite. A great new addition to the family.Last, but certainly not least, is the Burley D’Lite at $519 (retail $579). This trailer is quite the Cadillac with two available color options, reclining seats, and a large cockpit. To top it off, the D’Lite also has elastomer suspension, so you can bike all over town while the kids reline back and enjoy the ride. Why not have a smooth jogger and stroller as well, but have the convenience of it being all in one! The whole family will enjoy this one, so wrap it up, and get ready to ride!

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