'Some might say there is a war on cars…'

CadherentHere’s a de-facto case study illustrating the UK side of Stacey Moses’ post, Bicycle Commuting Incentives: US v UK:

Cadherent Ltd is a UK-based CAD, multi-media, design and drafting company that participates in the country’s Bike2Work program, with 80% of their staff participating.

[T]he bike racks outside… are crammed with cycles, courtesy of the Bike2Work scheme. And [David Thompson, Managing Director of Cadherent] has not only boosted the green credentials of his firm, … but acquired a fitter, leaner and healthier bunch of workers.

Commute By Bike

If you clicked through and read the previous article, you might have noticed the phrase “environmentally-friendly bicycle.” Well, I did anyway, and I thought, Isn’t that a tautology? Then I remembered seeing this earlier today:

Commute By Bike

Sacramento Sustaninal BusinessThe Sacramento Area Sustainable Business program has added a ‘Transportation & Air Quality’ category to it’s certification process. Businesses can get the certification if they do ten things that encourage “vehicle trip reductions and improve air quality.” Presumably they mean emission-producing vehicles. Three of the recommendations are:

  • Encourage employee bicycle commuting"”offer secure areas for bicycle storage.
  • Provide customer bicycle racks.
  • Provide lockers and showers for employees who walk or bicycle to work.

Yuba, maker of cargo bikes (as well as an advertiser on Commute By Bike) is one of nearly 300 businesses and organizations participating in the program.

The full list is at SustainableSacramento.com

Commute By Bike

New York City Department of TransportationOh TV News, will you ever tire of manufacturing hyperbolic “War on…” slogans?

The New York City Department of Transportation aims to:

…double bicycle commuting over 2007 levels by 2012 and triple it by 2017. In New York City 10% of auto trips are under one-half mile, 22% are under 1 mile and 56% are under 3 miles "“ distances readily served by bicycle. Subways can be crowded, buses may run late. Free yourself and get there by bike.

Fox News in NYC labeled this a “war on cars.

Of course, it’s prefaced in their classic “some might say” qualifier. But, really Fox, how about a quote from a real newsworthy person?

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