Christmas Bike Cargo Trailer Specials

With Christmas creeping up on us, I wanted to do the American thing and advertise. Behold our Christmas bike cargo trailer specials.

As purveyors of fine bicycle accessories, we’ve generally found that bike cargo trailers are not necessarily hot items around Christmas time. Our thinking is that they are both a bit too expensive and perhaps a little bit too much of a personal choice to be easily chosen for someone else as a gift. With that being said, we’ve decided to start our bike trailer Christmas sales a bit earlier this year. The hope is that this might give gift shoppers a little longer to find out if their friends or family might be excited about the notion of a bike cargo trailer.

An interesting thing about gifting a bike trailer is that many people may not realize how much they would benefit by owning one before they have it. Gift a trailer to a cycling friend and they’ll soon discover how much more they can do with their bikes.

3 Christmas Bike Trailer Specials!

Extrawheel Voyager:

We’ve marked the already low priced Extrawheel Voyager from $209 to $199. Granted this is the price for the trailer without the wheel, most cyclists have an extra front wheel hanging around that they can use.

As this post is mainly about selling trailers at Christmas I won’t be offering up to much insight on each trailer. Instead, I’ll just point out some of the past posts that we’ve written.

Extrawheel Voyager Posts:

Carry Freedom City:

We’ve got a whole pile of Carry Freedom City’s in the warehouse so I figured we should move a few of them under some lucky bike commuters Christmas trees. The Carry Freedom City is on sale for $299 marked $100 off from its normal price of $399. This sale will be running until our stock level of the product is reduced. It will likely be running through December if not longer.

Carry Freedom City Posts:

BOB Yak & Ibex Trailers:

We will be keeping our offer of a Free Wandertec SAX BOB Cargo liner with all BOB Trailers running through the holidays as well. The Wandertec SAX is a great add-on for getting more use out of your BOB Trailer both around town and touring

BOB Trailer Posts:

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