Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Classic Compact – Zinger & Quick Review


The Ortlieb Ulimate 5 Compact Classic is on sale for $49 the next week thru Nov. 18th. I’ve recently mounted this great little bag onto my bike and have really been enjoying the convenience of it. I’d previously mounted larger handlebar bags to my bike, and while I found them very useful for bike touring and occasional use, I found them to be a little bit to large for everyday use around town. Around town, I’ve found that I prefer having a smaller more compact bag up front. I still use my saddlebag for tools and a pannier for when I have more stuff. But when I just have something extra that I want to have handy, this is my pocket for it. A cable lock for the ride down the street, a place to stow my camera, a pouch for the burrito I just picked up, this convenient bag does the trick. It looks good on my handlebars as well, unobtrusive with a splash of style in 4 colors in the Classic material or grey in the Plus version.

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