A Suitcase/Bike Trailer Solution

Maurice writes the following about his setup:

“Twice now I have made long distance solo bike trips in Europe. Three years ago it was the Alps of Switzerland and then to Croatia. This year it was two months in France – the Loire Valley and Brittany. Both times I made my own bike trailer. I use an ordinary suitcase which is my luggage on the plane. At the destination airport I insert an axle, made from a length of threaded rod, into holes in the suitcase, install the bearings, and put on the wheels salvaged from a kid’s bike obtained from the Salvation Army for about $10. Then I attach the extended suitcase handle to the bike rack.

While biking I carry no weight on my shoulders or on the bike proper (no panniers) so shoulder fatigue or bike balance is no problem. Works like a charm.

This combination works well on trains where I would have to remove the panniers to get the bike on the train by myself. With my rig I unhook the trailer, then put the bike and trailer on the train separately. When ready to return home I throw away the axle and wheels – and the suitcase is ready for the plane again.”

We applaud Maurice for his innovative get it done spirit. It looks like a very interesting arrangement thought the handling properties may have some interesting dynamics. It looks like a useful combination of available materials for a nifty solution to some great traveling.

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