Racktime Addit Rack – Zinger & Quick Review



The Zinger of the day is the RackTime AddIt Rear Rack!!!

The RackTime AddIt Rear Rack is a great rack designed with multi-purpose use in mind. RackTime is a new brand, developed by Tubus. Tubus wanted to offer up more economically priced racks and bags for bike commuters and weekend bike tourists. They’ve put together a really great lineup of racks and bags all at very affordable prices.

Tubus’s expertise in racks truly shines through in their much more affordable RackTime line. Many similar parts and designs have been integrated into the designs of their racks.

The RackTime AddIt features a somewhat unique profile with its upper rail that swoops back around as a lower rail. This offers up 2 both upper and lower mounting positions for bike panniers. The AddIt has the SnapIt mounting system integrated in for receiving all of the RackTime bags that utilize this system. The AddIt offers up a comfortably wide upper platform and unlike many other “economy” racks which use flexible expanded metal for upper mounting, utilizes Tubus’s very solid Round Stay and Round Stay Clamp Set. Additionally, the AddIt offers up an integrated rear light mounting point, perfect for adding on a light like the Busch & Muller 4D Toplight.

The AddIt like the Tubus rack line up offers up a graceful, stylish design. Designed for both bike commuting and weekend tours, the AddIt might be just the perfect fit for your bike.

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