State of the Hub: Videos!

As we’ve been pushing ahead with adding better content to our websites, we’ve been adding in video. To get going with it, Frank first configured our product listings to include YouTube videos. Robin has been scouring YouTube for product videos to upload. So far we’ve found quite a few excellent Chariot Carriers videos as well as a splattering of other product specific videos. Next up is our plan to begin filming our own video and developing our own YouTube Channel. We shot a couple of video at Interbike to get started. Back at the shop, we are working on setting up a photo and video booth and plan on refining our skills through the winter. Above and below are a couple of examples of our first few attempts. Look for our acting, editing, filming, etc. but not a bad start if I do say so myself.

On my bike commute in the other day, I tuned into one of my favorite podcasts, Internet Marketing Podcast. I was pleasantly surprised to hear a question that I’d posted to these podcaster’s blog answered. Scroll ahead to around minute 15 to hear the topic. To boil it down, I asked these internet marketing experts about the strategy we are considering to integrate in our blog into our URL for thus having the blog at Overall, while this strategy may reduce a little bit of our traffic to initially, right away it should boost our search engine ranking for And longer term, our hope is that our customers will have an easier time getting to the blog

A Constant Refinement and Distillation of our Product Presentation:

  1. Fine-tuning all of our content editing tools including the link massaging tool, the product and category editors, the blurbs (for sale and other messages), the expert pages and other content pages.
  2. Integrating a more dynamic flow through our product’s options and accessories page “Choose Your Options” page.
  3. Continue setting up a new Drupal website to update the This site will include a new forum, our blog, a feed from all of our blogs, and pages that feature products that we represent in the USA such as Extrawheel products.

Expanding our Expert Knowledge of Bike Cargo Trailers Into Our Own Manufacturing:

  1. Continue developing ideas for the BONGO rail system.robin-and-adam-on-phoenix-street
  2. Begin designing our 2nd bike cargo trailer with integrated rail system, lower center of gravity and lower overall weight.
  3. Continue brainstorming ideas for integrated front fork/rack/lockable box/stow-away panniers/fender & rear rack/lockable box/stow-away panniers/fender systems.

Strategies For SEO and Internet Marketing:

  1. Developing a good set of reporting tools to establish a baseline for our internet marketing success and progress.
  2. Continuing to fine tune and further develop or shopping network feeds. Currently we our using to feed out to Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, TheFind, Price Grabber, NexTag and Shopzilla.
  3. Maintaining our current channels (currently Adwords, Twitter & Facebook).
  4. Looking ahead towards joining the affiliate network Share-A-Sale and possibly setting up our own in-house affiliate network.

Developing the Most In-Depth Collection of Utility Cycling and Bike Touring Specific Gear Anywhere:

  1. Adding to our lineup of messenger bags at and balance bikes, and trailer-cycles at
  2. Introducing video to our product listings. We’re starting out by uploading available videos from our manufacturers and will be adding in some of our own videos as well.
  3. Building a photo booth to do our own product photography as well as photography for our expert article “bike setups” pages.

Buttery Smooth Shipping & Customer Service Technique:

  1. Settling in our organization of our inventory.
  2. Integrating all of our inventory management and shipping management into one role.

Sizzling Hot Sales:

Speaking of Cycling:wandertec-bongo-bike-cargo-trailer-david-hembrow

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