State Of The Hub On Pause, We're at Interbike!

59183_10150276439455384_327015235383_14891254_1386740_nI thought I would quickly report in from our hotel room at the Flamingo. The Campfire Cycling is at Interbike this week exploring the cycling industry and strategize new relationships, deals and products for the coming year.

This year, we’re very excited about quite a few things. One of our top priorities is to look for more products for and improve our knowledge of children’s cycling. On another front, we are learning as much as we can about Electric Assist Bikes for some new directions and projects that we are considering. We are of course, souring the show for has many bike trailers, bike bags and bike racks as possible, while meeting up with all of the dealers we are working with.

This is the final year in Vegas for Interbike, so should be a good one before it returns next year to Anheim. If you want to keep up with our day-to-day meanderings and thoughts on the show, be sure to follow us on our Campfire Cycling Facebook Page.

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