Velo Orange Polyvalent City Bike | Commuter Bike Photos from Renaissance Bicycles

An on going series with help from our friends at Renaissance Bicycles. These guys specialize in combining current technology with the look and feel of classic bikes.

Today’s gallery is of a Velo Orange Polyvalent City Bike. This unique city bike has a wheel size of 650b and a 1×9 setup. Simple, easy and of course steel is real. (These are my personal words, not Renaissance Bicycles.)

From Renaissance : Before setting out to build this bike, we “imagined” what Velo Orange had in mind when designing the frameset. We had already built the sinister alter ego — the Velo Orange Scorcher — but we wanted something true to the intentions of the frameset. To go along with the “hot-rod” black powder coat, we envisioned lots of chrome and shiny bits, a simple drivetrain, and an elegant (yet slyly sporty) look. Intentionally, we left off the accessories; the bike is great platform for personalization via racks, lights, chaincase, etc. We also kept cost a priority; the goal was to make available a very high quality complete city bike for $1550.

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