Yard Cart Turned Grocery Getter

There are many things in the world that can be converted into a proper bicycle cargo trailer. In this case, it was a lucky yard cart that made the ascension from common lawn article to coveted bike cargo trailer.

Blake and Phil wanted a grocery getter and they found a unassuming garden cart on sale for $49. Add a Chariot tow arm and Chariot hitch a viola you have a ready-to-go cargo trailer. To add a little more protection they threw in a large Rubbermaid bin which will keep the precious grocery cargo protected from the elements.

This is a great approach for DIY trailer makers. The yard cart offers a 90 percent ready bike cargo trailer for cheap. All it needs is a few mods, a tow arm and hitch, and “boom” instant cargo trailer. I personally really like the flip-down tailgate that many yard carts come equipped with. It adds even more utility to a bike cargo conversion.

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