New Xtracycle Products for 2010

Xtracycle is a name that has long been associated with utility cycling. With the introduction of the FreeRadical, the longtail movement was born. Now, Xtracycle is a household name, associated with putting your car keys down and putting your bike helmet on. The longtail revolution has become a not-so-uncommon scene on city streets with specialty bikes, such as the Big Dummy, now being produced specifically for long tail utility use. Xtracycle has continued to develop products and accessories to complement their original FreeRadical design and make it easier to integrate cycling into daily life. Keeping with that philosophy, Xtracycle has introduced some new products and refined some current ones for 2010, and the Bike Trailer Shop is proud to offer them to you.

With that said we should mention that some of the remaining 2009 Xtracycle product is on closeout at the Individually, we have the Xtracycle SnapDeck for only $39 or a pair of 2009 FreeLoaders for $120. Add them to an Xtracycle FreeRadical kit and get the whole package with SnapDeck, FreeLoaders and V-racks (the original longtail kit) for only $429.

One of the biggest changes to an already great Xtracycle product is the new 2010 FreeLoader. The FreeLoaders are at the heart of any long tail system. For 2010 Xtracycle has offered three color choices and is producing the bag out of waterproof material. There is an internal fully-enclosed pocket on the inside, and the main cargo pocket has a weep hole at the bottom to allow water to drain through. The FreeLoader mounting system has been improved for 2010 as well, allowing a more secure attachment for the bags and cargo as well as allowing for easy installation on and off both V-racks and Pannier Racks without the need to remove the rack. The FreeLoaders still have the ability to carry three full grocery bags on each side or anything else you can think of. Xtracycle continues to incorporate a draw string gusset on the sides of the FreeLoader to accommodate longer loads.

The Xtracycle TekDek has received a makeover for 2010 as well. The original TekDek was a basic piece of cut metal that snapped over the V-racks or Pannier Racks. The New TekDek 2.0 is constructed out of 7000 series aluminum and has a non-slip powder coat surface. Additionally Xtracycle has added a bungee system that allows cargo to be more securely attached to the TekDek 2.0. With an increase in quality comes an increase in performance. The New TekDek 2.0 now has the ability to handle light passenger loads. For 2010 the new TekDek has gotten a little Tech-ier

Xtracycle originally offered its longtail kits with the SnapDeck, a nicely varnished wood deck that snapped between the two racks. This year Xtracycle is introducing the FlightDeck a more usable, utilitarian, eco-friendly load deck. Constructed entirely out of recycled plastics, the FlightDeck should please the strongest of tree hugger. Instead of snapping between two racks like the SnapDeck the FlightDeck uses SuperHooks to clamp to the racks. This offers a more secure mounting system with greater adjustability. The FlightDeck has drilled holes on both the left and right sides which allows just about anything to be bolted to it. The passenger and weight capacity have been increased from the SnapDeck to the FlightDeck as well as adding a child carrying option as well. Please note, the MagicCarpet is only compatible with the original SnapDeck

The PeaPod is Xtracycle’s answer to child-carrying needs. The PeaPod can be mounted to any Xtracycle longtail kit using the New FlightDeck. Two PeaPods will fit onto one FlightDeck allowing the whole family to go along. The PeaPod is ASTM complaint, and free of any nasty chemicals. The PeaPod includes a five-point adjustable harness, removable seat cushions, adjustable footrests, and a padded cross bar. The PeaPod Mounts securely to the FlightDeck and will still work with FreeLoader bags or panniers for child and cargo transport at the same time.

“Scream With Me” from Xtracycle on Vimeo.

Completely new for 2010 is the Xtracycle Hoodie. The Hoodie takes a slightly different approach than the standard FreeLoader or pannier set up, and comes in a slightly more appealing price point. The Xtraycle designed the Hoodie with a different aesthetic. The Hoodie has an integrated bag/deck design, which although is not as quite as robust as the FlightDeck, can still carry light passenger loads. The Hoodie can carry up to four grocery bags, a couple of messenger bags, a tool box or two, or anything else you think of. Each side compartment can be adjusted with one hand using buckle sliders at each end of the bag. The Hoodie also has a front storage pocket for a lock, cell phone, map or CB radio. There is also a rear blinky light loop for increased visibility. The integrated deck is constructed from abs plastic and the bags are made from 600D polyester. The Hoodie work with both V-racks and P-racks. If your looking to sleek out your Xtracycle with a cleaned up look at a great price then the Hoodie is for you.

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