Final Chariot and Croozer Sale of 2010

Here at the Bike Kid Shop we a super excited about Chariot Child trailers, we think they are great. In fact we think there so great that we want everyone to have the chance to enjoy the style, performance and comfort that Chariot is know for. That’s why now through August 24 the Bike Kid Shop is offering 10% off all Chariot and Croozer child trailers. Not only are the trailers 10% off but all Chariot and Croozer accessories are 10% as well. Now is the time to get you and your child into one of the best child trailers on the market.If your wondering why we are so excited, we asked one of employees, Megan, who is a new mom to take out Chariot’s top selling line of trailers, the Cougar, and give it a test run. Megan and her daughter Neva, chose an orange Cougar 1 for their testing. Megan loves the Cougar 1 for its versatility and ease of use. The Chariot CTS system allows every XC Chariot child trailer to switch from strolling mode to jogging mode to cycling mode with just a push of a button. For the really adventurous the XC line can convert to a hiking and cross country ski mode as well.As you can see from the photos little Neva is quite happy and comfortable while she rides in style in the Cougar 1. Be sure to check out all that Chariot and Croozer have to offer. The Chariot CX line is the Rolls Royce of Child trailers offering all the bells and whistles you would expect in an expensive luxurious sedan. The Cheetah and Chariot Classic series offer a price point friendly option with the quality and comfort one would come to expect from Chariot. The Classic series offers a little more room and come cycling ready. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get your little one into a Chariot or Croozer child Trailer.

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