Massachusetts BOB Trailer Tour

John sent us in these photos of his bike tour through Massachusetts that he titled his “200+ Mile Senior Citizen Tour”. From the looks of it, I’d say that most young guys would have to be in pretty good shape to keep up with John and his fully loaded BOB Trailer with Greenspeed Rack, 4D Toplight and Ortlieb Panniers. From the looks of it, John had a great time cruising along the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

Here are a few words John sent along with the pictures:

Actually got Bob and the orange panniers from you guys in 2009………this adventure was 10 May to 13 May 2010. The bike is a K2 Easy Street Bike with some add ons….and nothing to be ashamed of after almost 2000 miles. It may be asked to yield to a Thorn Raven if this geezer proves that he deserves one in the future.

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