An Inspired Bike Trailer Risen from Rummage

We receive all types of stories here at the Bike Trailer Blog. Some are from people just writing in to tell us about their latest bike trip. Many are indeed bicycle trailer stories. But my favorites still have to be the DIY home trailer creations–especially the ones created from others unwanted stuff. James and his rummage-fueled bike trailer is a perfect example of a trailer that came from trash to treasure–not to be confused with trailer trash.

One of the great things about James’ project is that he said that the Bike Trailer Blog gave him a little direction while he was pondering how to approach his trailer creation. The trailer chassis was salvaged from a bike child trailer that his neighbor was going to scrap. James decided to stick with the original hitch that came with the child trailer. The trailer load bed was created from two salvaged aluminum road signs. James upturned the edges and added aluminum curtain rods for extra stiffness. The pieces of the load bed were then joined to the frame using pop rivets and small bolts.

For the initial test ride James loaded the trailer down with a cinder block and two concrete test cylinders–about 58 pounds–all inside a plastic tub for a ride around town. James took it on some hills and some rougher roads and said that the trailer rides quite nice. The bungee net that he used was a salvage score as well. James originally thought that he would need to add additional railing for cargo support but now believes that a refinement of a strapping system should be all that is necessary.

For anyone who wants to start a DIY bike trailer but isn’t quite sure where to start, just take some inspiration from James. You don’t need to have a lot of specialty parts to build a useful sturdy trailer. Who knows? Maybe the beginnings of your next trailer are just waiting for you in a local dumpster. Our hats off to James for a great trailer and for sending us the story and photos.

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