Coconino Cycles T-Shirts with OMM Racks

coconino-cycles-t-shirts-jeff-attacking-megOur friend Steve Garro gave us a call last year asking if we would like to sell his T shirts and do a little cross promotion. The thing was that Steve was always being hassled for T shirts, but rather than dealing with shipping them out, he would rather be focusing on building his incredible bike frames. So over here at the Campfire Cycling, we figured we could handle selling and shipping out Garro’s T shirts with ease. Julia of Lucky Dog printed the T shirts and we were off to the races. With some nice mentions off Coconino Cycle’s Blog, the T shirts started selling.

old-man-mountain-rack-channing-hammond-weldingFor some reason, however, interest in the Coconino Cycles T Shirts died off. Perhaps we saturated the market. Or maybe, ordering Coconino Cycles T shirts was just a good excuse to call up Steve and have a good chat, a service we were not able to include in our T shirts sales. Either way, sales of the T shirts dwindled. So with that being said, we decided to clear off some shelf space and inventory dollars by offering the T shirts for free with the purchase of Old Man Mountain Racks.

steve-garro-coconino-cycles-fork-jigActually not just Old Man Mountain racks, we’ll toss in a Free Coconino Cycles T shirt into any order over $99 with “Garro sent me” followed by size and color of T shirt in the comments of the order.

Steve Garro of Coconino Cycles and Channing Hammond of Old Man Mountain are both inspired craftsman plying there trade by hand building some of the best quality cycling equipment around. Both craftsmen pride themselves in simple and durable designs. And both craftsmen cater to small and loyal sets of clientele.

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