Faction Cycling : Works "Share the Road" Jersey Review

The fine folks at Faction Cycling sent out one of their Works “Share the Road” jerseys to us for review.   I’ve been riding around with this jersey for the past 8 weeks, testing, crashing and repeating.   Now it is time to tell all my thoughts and feelings.

Faction Cycling

Construction of the Jersey

This jersey is made in the U.S.A which is a great tag to see on any product, especially cycling ones.   It is rare to see this label as well so if this jersey was an extra $5 or $10 on the rack, I may pick it just for that label.   Tip : Advertise this fact on the outside of the jersey.

The jersey isn’t going to win a technical competition, but the piece held up against washing in the washer and crashing on the mountain bike.   Two thumbs up for those two facts! Sometimes a novelty jersey can be on the cheaper side, not so for this jersey.

Faction Cycling

Design and Features of the Jersey

The design of the jersey was simple, stated and got the word across.   As this is a “Share the Road” jersey I wish they thought more about the commuter or every day cyclist wearing the jersey.

Things missing I wish it had :

  • Brighter coloring
  • Reflective hits
  • Share the Road easier to see from a car, maybe brighter

Other Details

These jerseys are normally $75, currently as I type this they are on sale for $50.   All of Faction’s designs are great and really catch the lifestyle piece of cycling.   I’ll be ordering some of their caps and tshirts to add to my collection.

Visit Faction online or on Twitter

This product was given to me at no charge for reviewing.   I was not paid or bribed to give this review and it will have my honest opinion or thoughts through out.
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