Austin Nominated for VH1 2010 "Do Something City" Award

Austin. As in Texas.Here in Arizona, we have great empathy for our fellow Wild West state. We often find ourselves inadvertently competing to be America’s political punch line. But when you get down to localities and municipalities, there’s a lot about which we can be proud, especially when it comes to cycling culture, and bike-friendliness.This year, Austin has been nominated for the 2010 “Do Something City” award by VH1–with stiff competition from Portland, Oregon, Salt Lake City, Utah, Greensburg, Kansas, and Boston, Massachusetts.Cycling and alternative transportation must have something to do with it. Texas as a whole ranks 41st out of 50 states for bike friendliness, yet Austin stands out as the lone star in the state. Austin also has a grassroots carshare project operated by a local nonprofit, and an award-winning public transportation system. Yes. Austin. As in Texas.So we’re rooting for Austin to win the VH1 award. Click the banner below to give Austin your vote.

2010 Do Something Awards: City - Austin

Be watching or our upcoming profile on Austin’s utility cycling scene–the first in our series of community profiles. If you’re in Austin and want to meet me when I’m in town next week, contact me here.Flagstaff didn’t get nominated this year–but that’s a bone to pick with VH1, not with Austin. But for the record, Arizona ranks ninth out of the 50 states in bike-friendliness. And here in Flagstaff, we also have an award winning public transportation system, 50 miles of commuter trails, and an enthusiastic cycling culture.

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