Yuba Bicycles

A new sponsor for Commute By Bike is Yuba. Yuba makes great looking cargo bikes, that are not only well thought out but great accessories. Below is a rundown of the model line and key accessories, we hope to interview podcast with the guys from Yuba in the coming weeks for your listening pleasure.

Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike

Yuba Mundo Models

Mundo Wheels 4 Life, 6 speed, Limited Edition $899

From Yuba : The Wheels4Life Special Limited Edition Mundo 6-speed is an awesome bike for carrying groceries, kids, music equipment, and sporting gear. But by investing in this model of Mundo, you are buying not just one Cargo Bike but TWO: One MUNDO bike for you and one MUNDO bike for someone in Africa or Central America. This individual will ride to work, to the clinic, to a transportation hub, to deliver mosquito nets, to haul books, to carry medical supplies, or to move pineapples and chickens.

Mundo 21-Speed $1,099

21-speed to get you down and up that local hill, or maybe the mountain you are crossing for your world wide tour.

Yuba elMundo Electric Bike

elMundo Electrici 21-speed $2,297

It’s electric. Utilizing a 750watt front wheel hub motor and a Lithium-ion battery.. Top speeds are 20 mph with a 20 mile range. With a load this will vary but could be that last extra kick you need hauling your children or groceries.

Yuba Accessories

Yuba Peanut Shell

Peanut Shell

Carry one, or carry two, these peanut shells will take your peanut safely with you wherever you may go. Each Peanut Shell carries up to a 48 lb child and you can carry two peanut shells on the back of your Mundo.

Yuba Go-Getter


Be functional with your Yuba with this go-getter attitude weatherproof bag. 85 liters and can be used with other long tail bikes. Utility panniers never looked better, well maybe if they color matched the bikes.


Do you own a Yuba or have you ridden one? Let us know your thoughts. Join the conversation on Twitter, add us @BikeShopGirlcom

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