Thoughts on Child Helmets and Bike Trailers (& free helmets!)

We like cycling. We like kids. And we like safety. So how does that all come together you might ask?Well for one it takes a bike, which you probably have. Second it takes a way to bring your kids along with you. This likely will need something like a bike child trailer which you may or may not have. And to keep it safe, we strongly recommend getting your kid or kids a bike child helmet.Why get a child’s bike trailer in the first place? Perhaps you are bike commuting with your children. Or maybe you would like to go bike touring with your kids or maybe you are interested in just getting started with some casual family cycling in the neighborhood.So we’ve got the how, the where and the why, but it seems like it is worthwhile to address some of the various speculations about the safety concerns surrounding bike child trailers and helmets. Diving in, what about bringing babies in bike child trailers? The general rule of thumb is that 12 months is the earliest age that children should be passengers in bike child trailers. Any younger, and you should consult with your baby’s physician. A strong, well-developed child may be ready at a younger age, however factors, like speeds, terrain and potential risks should all be factored into any physicians recommendation and it is likely that most will play it safe with the 12 month recommendation. For some good reading on the subject, have a look at the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute on bicycle helmets for babies. Also have a look on the BSHI’s resources on bicycle helmets for children.With hopefully a baseline of understanding here, we can carry look into the related safety concerns of how a child is transported by bicycle. When researching children’s bike helmets, I stumbled across several articles about the debate between bike child seats and bike child trailers. I would boil it down to the majority opinion being that bike child trailers offer the greatest degree of safety however some parents prefer bike child seats for their smaller footprint and for being closer to their child.With all of this to consider when it comes to making a good choice for children’s bike helmets, we got started thinking about all of these factors in a recent post “getting started with children’s bike helmets“. So finally, with this in mind, we are offering up a free Bell Childs Helmet with the purchase of a Chariot Carrier or Croozer Bike Child Trailer.

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