Pop Up Basket by MIO

Pop-Up Bicycle BasketPop-Up Bicycle Basket
MSRP : $75.00
Details : Available for front or rear, in 3 colors

A basket system that pops up out of a sheet of recyclable & recycled steel.

From MIO

The Pop-Up Bicycle Basket is designed to fit most bicycles, ship flat and be installed in either the front or rear of any bicycle. The baskets unique design and sturdy construction are fit for urban cycling and carrying purses, backpacks or shopping bags.

The design goal of the Pop-Up Bicycle Basket is to encourage urban cycling through beauty and function. Alternative modes of transportation deserve the same attention to design and utility given to their less environmentally friendly counterparts.

Fine Details

Made in the USA with design and eliminating waste in mind.   I can say I’ve never seen something like this for a bicycle and it is very exciting for creative people to continue to push the bike industry.

MIO Online

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