PDW 3wrencho Review


Portland Design Works
3wrencho raw tool
MSRP : $20.00

Words from the company

The 3wrencho (raw) is your best buddy when you have a flat. Unlike your other friends the 3wrencho is made of heat-treated steel, removes 15mm axle nuts and can pry tires off of rims*. Feel free to step on 3wrencho for added leverage when loosening axle nuts. other uses: spread peanut butter, open a bottle or scratch an itch.

*The raw power of the 3wrencho can scratch your rims. If this worries you please check out the 3wrencho (coated): it treats rims like a tender lover.

Our Experience

There are several pocket tools for single speeder and fixed gear riders on the market. My main concern with any pocket tools made to take off that 15mm nut on your wheel is leverage.. As a skinny, no upper body strength, chick, I need leverage.. The advantages are the ability to use your feet for leverage! Several times I simply stood on the 3wrencho for power and broke free the nut.

After leverage was conquered, time to move on to testing out the tire lever abilities. Metal on metal rims worries me. With care I never scratched a rim, but that was the point. PDW now makes a coated version if you are really worried. Even on the tightest pair of tires I found I didn’t scratch the rim, and thanks to the lever being metal the tire lever never broke or bent.

Final test was beer opening, which it passed with flying colors.


Pros and Cons

Pros: Easy to use, small and compact, great company behind
Cons: Lack of 5 or 6mm allen, double edge sword of compact design

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This product was purchased on our own for use and review. No rims or bikes were damaged in the review process.

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