I’m Ted, and I’ve never pulled a bike trailer.

Hello Ted.

I’m a new guy at Campfire Cycling. You’d reckon I had to have some minimal cycling cred to get in the door.
I do.
This is it:

Ted and Chamba

That was more than ten years ago, just outside of Washington, DC. A bike cargo trailer might have come in handy. For one thing, my dog wouldn’t have had to learn the hard way to stay in the baskets. For another thing, I wouldn’t have endured the occasional reprimanding from outraged motorists concerned about the welfare of my dog.

Perhaps trailer-pullers endure a different kind of scorn. This is what I intend to find out.

Living in DC, I also tasted a car-free lifestyle–and I liked it. In fact, I haven’t owned a car in about six years.


I’m determined to continue life without a car as much as possible here in Flagstaff.

For my practical needs, I’m aiming to test out the Wandertec Bongo bike trailer, the Croozer Cargo Bike Trailer, the Burley Travoy bike commuter trailer, and I’m especially interested in an exotic animal we have around for evaluation (but not for sale at the moment), The Dirty Old Monkey T1.

Be nice to the new guy. I’ll be pulling a bike trailer soon. I promise.

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