Wandertec SAX-BOB Cargo Liner Special!


Now until June 29th the Bike Trailer Shop is offering a free Wandertec SAX Liner with the purchase of any BOB trailer. The SAX BOB liner is the perfect accessory for any BOB trailer. By them selves BOB trailers are some of the best single wheeled bicycle trailers on the market but, their steel mesh floors and open sides can make it tricky to pack smaller or random items securely in the trailer. Well this is were the SAX liner comes in, made of heavy duty ballistics nylon, the SAX twandertec-sax-bob-trailer-cargo-liner-with groceries-croppedurns your otherwise open BOB trailer into a closed sided storage friendly trailer. The SAX is great for those looking to haul groceries or other items that may not require the use of a large dry bag to secure items into the trailer.

Normally a $39.99 value, the SAX is free with the Purchase of a BOB Yak Trailer or a BOB Ibex Trailer. Two of the best single wheeled bike cargo trailers just got better with this great offer. The SAX are handmade in the U.S.A. right here in Flagstaff, AZ. It’s that time of year again to pack up the bike and hit the road or dirt for some great outdoor adventures. Start your adventure off right with the wandertec-sax-on-gravel-in-sun-croppedright equipment. A BOB trailer with the Wandertec SAX and a Wandertec cargo net are the perfect combination for keeping your gear stowed and secure on any bike tour. Check out some customer stories with their SAX in action, Making a BOB Train and Jeff’s Trailer Reviews, Part 1 BOB Trailers.

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