Summer Time BOB Trailer-Wandertec SAX Special

It’s that time of year again when it’s time to tune up the bike and get out for some great cycling adventures. Perhaps it is time that you finally get yourself a bike cargo trailer to really expand your horizons. Maybe it’s a Extrawheel Voyager that will hold your gear as you meander down the Great Divide Trail. Or maybe you’ll be look for something better suited for around town adventures, you know like hauling potting soil and 3 plants back from Home Depot in a Wandertec Bongo bike trailer, or toting a pile of ribs, watermelon and beers to the park for a bbq in a Croozer Cargo or tying 100 helium balloons to a Burley Nomad filled with stuffed animals for a spectacular spectacle in the bike parade.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a bike trailer that offers the flexability and versatility for everything from off-road bike touring adventures to getting stuff done on the roads. The BOB Trailer has always been our favorite choice when it comes to a trailer that does it all. To make it do even more, we came up with the idea to add a fabric liner to it. The Wandertec SAX BOB Cargo liner (along with the Wandertec Cargo Net) is a perfect addition to the BOB, turning the cargo area into a tightly contained area where your stuff stays put. The SAX, made from tough ballistic nylon, is perfect for using a BOB Trailer as the “trunk” of your bike. Throw in groceries, throw in your laundry or clean out your close.

To prove the point, we are giving away a Wandertec SAX-BOB Liner with every BOB Trailer thru June 29th!

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