A Brewery a Bro and a BONGO

We our proud to announce the U.S. cinematic debut of the Wandertec Bongo, there was a previous European cinematic debut at Deavid Hembrow’s blog. Marty Benson and friends decided to make a pedal powered pilgrimage to Stone Brewery in Southern California. They decided to document their journey with a indie style film. Marty said that the main point of the ride was ” to not only make people rethink their transport (if just for a keg), but also point out some of the overlooked sustainable practices at Stone, such as their reclaimed materials and equipment, solar electrics and reuse of brewing yeasts for biodiesel.” Marty used a BONGO he purchased from us to transport an empty, then full keg of beer from Stone Brewery 20 miles to, and back again from his house. It was good to see the BONGO haul a full keg through the rolling hills of California using our strap system to hold it down. Check out the film Below.

Have Keg, Will Pedal from marty benson on Vimeo. Credit for the film goes to Marty Benson, iftheshoe.com

Here are some cool photos that Marty included that his mate Adam Sherrett took.

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