Commuting 101 : Don’t Have a Shower?

One large complaint or worry for beginner bike commuters is the lack of showering, or showing up sweaty to work. This is a valid worry and shouldn’t be overlooked as your employer, co-worker or client may not appreciate the “biker look.”

Top tips if you don’t have a shower at work

Photo Credit : Fritz
Photo Credit : Fritz
  • Wear wicking clothing. I actually avoid wearing padded shorts in the morning as it creates a “funk” that you can’t avoid. If my commute is shorter in distance, I find a comfortable saddle and wear a stretchy, breathable pair of shorts. Either a jersey, or tech-t on top, comfortable shoes or maybe my cycling shoes for longer distances.
  • Action Wipes. No joke, go buy them. I’m not paid or bribed to say this (I have to say that by law,) but Action Wipes are in all my saddle bags and in my desk at work. A quick “pocket shower” with Action Wipes and re-installation of deodorant and I’m fresh!
  • Bring extra clothes. Don’t worry about working up a sweat as you can use your Action Wipes to clean up and then put on all new clean clothes. Also, I am saying put on a whole new outfit from top to bottom. Putting on clean clothes and dirty socks doesn’t give you the same “fresh” feeling.
  • If you may need it, keep a spare at work. This means everything you can’t do without. Not just clothes, but also extra tubes, lube, and tools.
  • If all else fails, start stinking in very important meetings and maybe they will install a shower at your workplace.

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