Road I.D for Commuters

In the Charlotte, NC area there has been a large increase of car and bike accidents..   While my rant for this topic will be held off for another topic, I started to fear for not only my safety but many hard questions came to mind.
What would happen if I was in the middle of no where and knocked unconscious?
Would my family know I took the long way home on my commute?
How would someone get a hold of them?

Hello Road ID, It is Nice to Wear You

A Road ID will not keep you safe, but I can say I feel about better or more at peace when I’m wearing it out on the road.   I leave mine on as I commute and bike a couple times a day.   Even while running I feel more confident about the situation that I’m putting myself in.


Ordering the Road ID required more decisions than I have made in the past two weeks combined.

Wrist ID Sport – This is the original and what we normally think of when we think of Road ID.   It is a nylon velcro strap that is available in 6 colors.   The Wrist ID Sport is what I decided to go with for every day use.   I wear it non-stop and hand wash it in the shower at night.   It doesn’t smell, nor is it horribly dirty after a month of solid use…   This little guy is $19.99 and comes in 3 sizes.

Wrist ID Elite – “The Sexiest ID” as it is named on   The band is much like a Livestrong bracelet, with a watch buckle on the back.   It is sleek and sexy, available in 9 colors.   Many of my coworkers have purchased this style and really enjoy it, the only reason I went with the other style is I strongly like the silicone feel of those bracelets.   $29.99 and fully adjustable to fit your wrist.

There is also the Shoe ID, FIXX ID (dog-tag style), Ankle ID and Shoe Pouch ID.

Interactive vs Original

There are two different ways to put your information on the ID.   The original is like a dog tag, with your name, contact numbers and any health concerns you want to list.   The interactive requires someone to call in with your Road ID Serial number.   As great as the interactive sounds, I often ride in the country where the “good ole boys” normally don’t have cell phones or 3G iPads in their trucks.

Overall Feelings

Looking back I may end up ordering a FIXX ID, mainly because I don’t think many people are trained to look for a bracelet on a cyclist or runner.   During the winter I wear long sleeves that will cover up the bracelet and not make it so obvious..   For the cost, it won’t solve the worlds problems or keep me any safer but it will help if I need it.

It comes down to Peace of Mind, for me it is worth it.

This product was given to me at no charge for reviewing.   I was not paid or bribed to give this review and it will have my honest opinion or thoughts through out.

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