E-Bikes on ABC's Good Morning America

This article is part of our on goingE-Bike Wednesday series.   Every Wednesday we will be touching on something in the electric bike industry in hopes to clear up any e-bike questions or concerns you have.

In honor of National Bike to Work Day the well received, Good Morning America, had a special on electric bikes.

No carbon footprint, no emission, and no noise

A couple notes that was mentioned and I would like to talk about. The above facts were listed and my response is : “Well, not exactly.”

Carbon footprin.   – Riding a bicycle has far less carbon footprint than most modes of transportation..   Creating a bicycle, feeding the human engine and upkeep of a bicycle is financially less than an automobile, but the footprint is much smaller – but there still is a footprint.   There’s a footprint in all we do, but that’s a rant for another post.

No emission – There is no emission from the bicycle but there needs to be some measurement of the electricity it takes to charge the system.

What I mean to say is..

Riding a bicycle is a very green thing to do, an electric bike isn’t as green but a very large step or leap forward compared to other means of transportation.   I don’t want everyone to have construed thoughts on buying an electric bike. I most likely have opened up a can of worms.   As bike commuters we tend to be more eco friendly than most, that may not be the reason you have chosen a bicycle for transportation but for some it is.   It keeps me out of my car for trips under 5 miles if possible..   In a perfect world, I would like to see a fully self charging electric bike system.

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