Burley Sale Extravaganza

burley_rev_dlite_03The Bike Trailer Shop and The Bike Kid Shop are running their annual Burley Trailer sale. Now through May 31 all Burley trailers are 10%, off including 5% off all Burley accessory items. Now is your chance to get your hands on one of the bike trailers that have defined child bicycle trailers. Burley has been synonymous with quality child bicycle trailers for years, they have become the industry standard for child trailers and continue to produce innovative quality products. The lasting quality of Burley trailers is seen in their years of use, often being passed on from one family member to the next or from one friend to the next, providing fun and smiles for many generations of young ones. The sale also includes Burley’s line of cargo trailers, perfect for hauling groceries and cargo around town or hauling your gear on your next bike tour

The Burley Solo St and the two child Burley D-lite are Burley’s flagship models offering suspension, jogger/stroller conversion and with all Burley trailers they are at home behind a bicycle. New for this year, Burley has introduced the Burley Bee and affordable update of the popular Honey Bee. For 2010 Burley has updated the timeless Burley Encore and Burley Cub with new styles and looks for the new decade. If you need a quality, versatile, comfy ride for your child, look now further then a Burley child Bicycle trailer

burley 2Although Burley is known for their great child trailers they also produce an innovative line of cargo trailers as well. The Burley Flatbed is a great around town’er, do everything cargo trailer that can collapse away when not in use. The Burley Nomad is giving other touring trailers a run for their money, with is light weight design and spacious interior the Nomad is perfect for any trip or tour. If you don’t want to leave your fury friends at home then check out the Burley Tail Wagon, redesigned for 2010, the Tail Wagon was the first pet trailer on the market and continues to lead the way in pet trailer technology.

New for 1010 Burley has introduced the Burley Travoy. Taking a different approach to cargo trailers the Travoy is designed to be one part bicycle cargo trailer, one part hand cart and one part dolly. The Travoy attaches to the seat post making conversion to a hand cart super simple. The Travoy is also available with custom bags to make carrying you load even easier

Whether you are looking for a good looking, great riding bicycle child trailer or a functional sturdy cargo trailer Burley has the answer to your needs, and during the Bike trailer Shop and Bike Kid Shop Burley sale it is even easier to get your hands on one of these great bike trailers.

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