A Celebration of Bikes: Bike to Work Week

As National Bike Month continues, the main event is upon us: Bike to Work Week. From Monday, May 17th to Friday, May 21st, national bicycle advocacy and local bicycle advocacy organizations host smart cycling classes, challenges, festivities and more to energize committed bicycle commuters and to inspire new or casual bicycle commuters. This week is dedicated to exposing more people to the utility of cycling for transportation purposes. According to the League of American Bicyclists, a San Diego Association of Governments study indicated that out of every five people who participated in the Bike to Work Day promotion, one of those first-time commuters became a regular bike commuter. With events taking place in nearly every state (and Canada!), there is no better time to learn about the benefits of riding to work first-hand.biketowork3So what happens on Bike to Work Day that infects and invigorates new and old commuters alike? In Memphis, Tennessee, Peddler Bike Shop kicks off the week with a commuting workshop and transitions into organized practice rides before Bike to Work Week culminates in at the Downtown Bicycle Expo with live music, free bike checks, and a chance to speak with local shops and advocates. In the Washington, DC Metro area, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) and BikeArlington partner to host 35 regional pit stops, where commuters can stop for a bite to eat, have their bikes inspected for safety by professional technicians, and chat with other bicycle enthusiasts. WABA also organizes commuter convoys, or previously scouted safe routes led by experienced cyclists for 25 of DCs most common commutes. DCs Bike to Work Day is packed with education, encouragement and excitement with free raffles and demos, food and music.biketowork1Every city, town and region celebrates Bike to Work Week differently. To find out what is happening in your area, check out the League of American Bicyclists list of Bike Month Special Events, or contact your local advocacy organization. In Denver in 2008, more than 10,000 first-time bicycle commuters participated in their city-sponsored event- clearly novices are welcome and supported at these events! And for veteran commuters, it is an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge of both the benefits and joys of becoming a dedicated bicycle commuter. How are you celebrating Bike to Work Week?biketowork4

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