Our 1st Monthly Bike Trailer Round-Up

We’ve decided we should start doing a monthly round up of all the things we see going on in the realm of bike cargo trailers and bike child trailer that have taken place outside of the scope of BikeTrailerBlog.com. Our roundup will be bring together great stories that we’ve come across from around the web from the previous month as well as from our shop blog at Campfire Cycling blog where we’ve been posting up photos from our manufacturing and development of the Wandertec BONGO bike cargo trailer.

From around the web:

Everyone has been reviewing the new Burely Travoy including Commute by Bike, Bike Portland, Bike Hugger, and an Interbike Cycling Video preview from Utility Cycling.

Over at Campfire Cycling, we’ve been posting pictures of our progress on the Wandertec BONGO Bike Cargo Trailer. Casey posted about his work on a longer hitch arm for the BONGO. Casey was testing out spar varnish on some loadbeds for the BONGO. And I snapped a photo of these 3 BONGOs that Casey setup to be used for an Earth Day Garbage cleanup event.

A few other bike trailer related came up at the Campfire Cycling blog. While in New York City I caught this dude rolling through the city with what appears to be a DIY bike cargo trailer packed up with painter supplies. Megan wrote a great story about biking to work with her daughter Neva in a bike child trailer. Adam had an interesting take on Tout Terrain’s “Hardcore” MTB SingleTrailer. And Casey posted up a post of an article with some very old photos of bike trailers.

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