Kona Bikes Goes Electric

Kona Electric Ute

Recently on Kona Bikes Facebook, and their Newsletter, Kona has released snippets into their newest lineup – Electric Bikes. Following close behind Trek’s Ride+ Bikes, Kona is quick on their heels with a new spin on their well received cargo bike, the Ute.

Three Models

There are three models in this new Electric line : Ticket, Token and Electric Ute. The Ticket and Token are respectably, standard and step through models of the same bike. The Electric Ute has a larger battery to allow you to haul on your cargo electric bike.

The most remarkable thing, we should see these bikes within the next few months. Kona completely kept the secret on these bikes.

EN 15194 Standard

All three of Kona’s bikes pass the EN 15194 standard for Electrically Power Assisted Cycles. Read more about these standards for the European E-Bikes.. We here at Commute By Bike are still learning all about Electric Bikes, but from my understanding this EN 15194 standard put a wrench in many bike makers gears. Much like the lead testing that came about in the U.S a couple years back.

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