Tout Terrain Singletrailer, MTB Bike Child Trailering, Or Brain Damage?


For some, simply taking the little one on paved paths and roads, dirt roads or the occasional double track just isn’t enough. If you simply can’t bare to be away from your child but can’t stand to be away from the single track then take a look at the Tout Terrain Singletrailer. For me personally I like the thought of having a little alone time in the woods, shredding my favorite trails just by my self, away from the family for a little while. The Singletrailer bridges the gap between a normal bike child trailer and having your children live with you till they’re thirty.Don’t get me wrong it’s a really cool design and a great idea, I just think a line should be drawn between what is realistic and what is a little unrealistic. Is it realistic to want to include your child with you on bike rides, so they can share and enjoy your passion along with you, yes. Is it realistic to spend 2,500$ on a bike child trailer that allows you to probably put your child in a situation they shouldn’t be because you bought some BA off road single track trailer? And now you think you can rage the single track and your kid will be fine, cause you spent 2,500$ and anything that expensive must be safe, right? Wrong.tout-trailerI think in order to use this trailer you should have to pass a MTB skills test, not only to prove you have what it takes to handle yourself and your child in an off road situation but to also show that you have the ability to exercise restraint as well. Kind of like getting your upgrade sticker for a child trailer, if you’re not pro, stick to something a little more moderate, like a Burley Child Trailer. Take Dara and Troy Marino for example, I would trust these two to operate a vehicle such as this, Joe Schmo who just bought his first full suspension bike and has raged a couple of the dirt trails that parallel the local bike path that the BMX kids built to hit on the way home from elementary school; Not so much.OK I might be being a little harsh here and probably should take my white wig off and stop judging. All I’m saying is that I have seen it many times where people believe because the equipment is capable so are they. I would hate to see little Timmy stay in the first grade for five years cause mommy thought she was racing the World Cup in Chamonix.Would I use one of these? Yes if someone gave it to me. Would I buy it? Probably not. Would I probably go too fast with my child in it? Yes, but I am also a skilled professional, and I know my limits and the limits of my equipment, so I think.tout-st-shockIf you have the cash to spend on a bike child trailer then by all means get this one, if you have the cash but are a little more sensible, then I would recommend checking out a suspended Chariot trailer such as a Chariot Courgar or Chariot CX or a Burley trailer such as the Burley d’Lite or Burley Cub. The Singletrailer is cool, it’s very cool, but it has a large price tag and it’s not that I doubt the performance of such a child trailer, but I question peoples’ ability to judge the situation that they might put themselves and their children in. Maybe humanity just isn’t ready to shoulder the responsibility of the Singletrailer, but then again I would use one, off road, and go fast, with my child in it.All in all, I do like it, it has clean lines and a simple design. The seat post mount design looks to leave plenty of room for trailer/bike maneuvering and the rear trailer suspension is a great a addition, it even comes with a kickstand. So, If you don’t mind dropping the duckets and your are able to remain responsible and safe riding off road with your child then I would recommend the Singletrailer.To wrap this up, check out this “hardcore” MTB child transportation video.

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