The kids Vote on Child Trailers

There are a lot of bike child trailers out there, some good, some not so good. As the parents who pull the child trailers we never truly get to form a solid opinion as to what it is really like to be pulled inside a child trailer. What do the kids think? They’re the ones who have to endure a rough ride or be lowed to sleep by a smooth ride. How do we know what bicycle child trailers are comfortable and which ones are like ridding in a wagon train across the prairie one hundred and fifty years ago.There are many options out there for child bike trailers, Burley, Chariot, Croozer, Trek just to name a few. There are also plenty of lower end child trailers sold at what I consider to be ” big box Stores” you know, high volume, low quality. So we are going to stick with the major players in child trailer technology.When it is all said and done, in my opinion there are really only two brands to look at for quality, not that other brands don’t design and produce good child trailers it is just that these two companies have specialized in producing child trailers and have become known for their quality and designChariot Carriers has long been setting the industry standard for design, function, and usability. Designed in Canada, where they even produce a few of their high end models, Chariot produce a wide range of single and double child trailers. Chariot is considered to be the Mercedes Benz of child trailers, with a Mercedes Benz price tag included. They offer every accessory and creature comfort for both parent and child passenger.

Burley is the most recognized name in child trailer, so much so that people refer to any child trailer as a Burley. A case of Brand domination of an industry, similar to Kleenex and Q-tip. I’ve seen people refer to their own child trailer which in fact wasn’t a Burley Trailer as being a Burley. A company does not achieve that type of recognition with out a history of producing quality products that last and satisfy both parent and child alike. If the price tag on a Chariot is a little much then Burley is really the only other option

All this said, what do the kids like to ride in?

Well there you have it, at least for this round of voting, Chariot Trailers it is. I mean a picture is worth a thousand words and this picture has both infant and older child passed out in a Chariot Cougar II. It must be a great ride if everyone falls asleep. Chariot wins this round but we will have to see if Burley can clench the next. If you want the best and are willing to pay for it then Chariot has a trailer for you. If not then Burley is right there with something that will put a smile on you and your little ones face for years to come.

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