Bontrager Tire Guarantee

Bontrager Tire GuaranteeIn a perfect world, buying things would be like test driving a car. You can put your salesman in the backseat and test the hell out of the product.

Life isn’t like buying a car, thank god, but we can’t always test out things where we need to. Take bikes. You have to rely on the internet for reviews, your buddy and hopefully your amazing local bike shop.

Bontrager has introduced a tire guarantee

On every aftermarket Bontrager tire, keyword is aftermarket. If you purchase it as a tire, to put on your bicycle then you are covered. If it comes on your favorite Trek or Gary Fisher bike, you are not.

Test out the tires, give them a good ride up to 30 days. If you don’t like them, return them with the original receipt.

Make sure to read the fine print

From the guys at Bontrager

So, why would Bontrager offer such a program?
A lot is involved in the decision to purchase a specific tire. That decision can involve details like the level of puncture protection or the appropriate tread pattern for specific riding goals. That decision is also influenced by staff suggestions at the retailer, statements made in online forums and comments made by local riders. This can lead to confusion and in some cases the purchase of the wrong tire. The wrong tire leads to a poor ride experience and an unhappy rider.

Our Unconditional Performance Guarantee removes the fear of purchasing the wrong tire. If the rider is not satisfied with their purchase, for any reason, they can bring it back.
.. Still getting flats, bring it back and try the next level of puncture protection.

.. Seeking a faster commute, exchange the tire for a higher psi rated model.

.. Need more cornering traction, bring it back and try another tread pattern.

Please don’t abuse this program and ruin it for the rest of us.

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