Xtracycle and More

Geoff had been prepping a bike with the intention of adding an Xtracycle FreeRadical to it, Biketrailershop.com had a Xtracycle sale during the spring of 2009, this sale was just the motivation that Geoff needed to make the move an order himself a FreeRadical. His intended use of the Xtracycle was like many, to carry stuff, but like many before him Geoff soon realized that he had just hit the tip of the ice burg.Geoff had a big bike camping trip planned for the summer, which included a wife and two daughters. No worries, Geoff was able to hook his Chariot Cabriolet right to the back of the Xtracycle, which he says works like a charm. On their camping trip Geoff was able to carry almost everything for the four of them on the Xtracycle. From the looks of things they dont travel light either, but then again with two parent and two kids its kinda hard to travel light, good to know the Xtracycle and cabriolet were up tot he job.

Geoff likes his Xtracycle so much that he gives his wife rides to the subway station in the mornings, what a guy. Great job with the setup Geoff, keep it roll’n.

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