Making the Switch to Sport Cycling

In the last few months, we have been building a strong base of information about all aspects of utility cycling – from emergency and patrol bicycle services, to mail delivery by bike, to bike advertising, to bike mapping, and beyond. We have worked hard to define utility cycling, in order to make it more appealing and feasible for more people. We have posted tons of bike movies from custom trailers to music videos, all of which have to do with utility cycling. Indeed, we have been ardent utility cyclists ourselves, riding to work, errands, social gatherings, and more with bells singing from our handlebars and red taillights flashing with glee. In short, we have worked hard to promote the idea of utility cycling as a viable mode of getting around by fully embracing, living, and exuding the idea.

Unfortunately, after months of hard work, we have hit the pav©, if you will. We feel that we have exhausted the topic of utility cycling. There is simply not enough innovation and exciting change happening in the world of utility cycling at the moment. In general, a bike trailer is a bike trailer. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. The same goes for topics like bicycle delivery – you know, people deliver things to other people by bike. Enough said. Not to mention, with the quickly approaching spring and summer months, we have seen more and more cyclists on the roads. But are they pulling bicycle trailers or using panniers? Well some are, it is true, but for the most part, the increasing numbers of cyclists on the roads these days are wearing colorful spandex and gliding by our slow, trailer-hauling persons on their carbon tubulars, as if they were floating on air. And oh, there are so many wonderful colors of spandex! Like a spring field full of flowers, they are blooming all over the streets. Now this is exciting!

Therefore, we have decided to make the switch to sport cycling! Clearly, sport cycling is where it’s at. From here on out, we will be We will live, speak, and breath sport cycling. And we will sleep in our spandex. Fortunately, our timing is good, as Velo News has recently made the switch to cycle touring, which will open up some space for us to ease into the world of sport cycling, like the smooth shifting of Shimano’s new electric gearing. We hope you will join us for this exciting time ahead!

April Fools! 🙂

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