Civia Carbon Fork Recall

We’ve conducted 3rd party testing and have concluded that the problem we’re seeing is the fork was designe.  to b.  stiff so that under braking, the legs would not wander around creating a noodly fork feel.   An unanticipated by-product of this le.  stiffness is that the fork legs aren’t moving at all during regular braking and in turn, all of the braking force is passed up to the crown.   These forces are over time will lead to potential failure.

We are in the process o.  contacting all of the bike shops that have purchased forks, or Hylands with the forks installed.   The dealers will be working to contact all of the consumers that have purchased Hyland bikes or Hyland carbon forks.   100% of the Civia carbon forks are affected by this recall.

If you own a Hyland that has a carbon fork, or have purchased the Civia Carbon fork, please contact your dealer for information about how to go about obtaining a replacement Civia steel fork.   We are also extending a credit to the consumer through the bike shop as compensation for the change in value from carbon to steel.   For more details of the recall, please contact the dealer you purchased your Hyland or carbon fork from.

Beginning now, all Hyland complete bikes ar.  coming with Civia steel forks.   Pricing has been adjusted accordingly so that now Alfine builds are retailing for $1,575 and Rohloff builds for $3,250.

Thanks for your understanding as we go through this.

Civia General Manager

Originally found on Civia Cycles Blog.

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