Ausssie Long Haul Road Train

We received some photos and a cool story from down under. Hayden was kind enough to share his epic trip around the coast of Australia with his modified Burley trailer and what looks like a custom single wheeled BOB style trailer. Hayden said that he and his wife had began their journey two and a half years ago. Since then they now have a 10 month old daughter I’m assuming she was an en-route baby.

Hayden has made some cool mods to his Burley Child Trailer. If you look close he has added an extra frame around the outside of the trailer. He mounted a couple of aluminum platforms for carrying extra water at the four corners of the trailer, a must have for traveling around Australia I’m sure. The rear frame and platform also offers a mounting point for another cargo trailer that is pulled behind the Burley.

I’m not sure what kind of single wheeled cargo trailer that is, it looks custom, I like how the trailer fork spans to each side of the Burley trailer. Looks to make for a stiff system, but I wonder if it interferes with the turning radius of the cargo trailer at all, although they are riding a tandem with a Burley in tow and a single wheeled cargo trailer behind that so I’m sure they’re not to worried about turning radius.

This is a great setup for what sounds to be an epic journey, we hope Hayden, his wife and their daughter continue to have a great time pedaling their way around Australia .

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