A Tour De France Inspired Bike Commuter

Here at UtilityCycling.org, we are inspired to define the idea of utility cycling as opposed to recreational and sport cycling. And while we spend most of our time discussing the various aspects and categories of utility cycling, we are also interested in those places where sport and recreational cycling cross over and influence utility cycling.The most obvious crossovers from sport cycling and utility cycling is the fact that using your bicycle for all sorts of thing can be a good way to achieve fitness beyond regular training. From the opposite perspective, sport cycling can be used to inspire cyclists on their daily bike commute, bike delivery route or other inspired use of their bicycle.With this in mind I’m posting this recent video that I came across at Kent’s Bike Blog.Whatever inspires you to use your bike, whether its a soundtrack, the solitude, the simple fun of it, saving money or reliving the triumphs of the Tour, we applaud you.

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