Garys Long Hauler

There really isn’t any limit to what kind of bike trailer you can make, especially when it comes to how long a bicycle trailer can be. Check out this original build from Gary. The whole set up looks like it should be operating on a railroad track rather then on city streets, especially with the recumbent pulling the trailer. The trailer is 8′ long and was made from aluminum hand railings.

Gary placed the wheels on this trailer to match the wheel on the front of his recumbent. This is a great idea in case a wheel swap is ever needed and and it just looks way cleaner. Gary also created his own custom hitch. The hitch offers a full swivel and has a spring to take up the back and forth pull that might come from a trailer this size.

The Yakima car top box is attached with thumb screws making it easy to take it on and off. Gary has also rigged a plywood base for other types of cargo, or the unit can travel as minimal as possible just using creates. The bike trailer weighs in at 33 lbs, not the lightest, but not the heaviest either, but add the top box and it shoots up to 60 lbs, now that’s a workout. This bicycle trailer might be on the records for length and weight, but scores high in the haulabilty category

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