Shopping Anyone?

We received this most excellent photo from Tony at Tony’s Trailers. Ever wonder what happens to those abandon shopping carts you see miles from any food store? It’s not just the bag people that make good use of them. No need to try and come up with some creative cargo trailer, the food and grocery store industry has been providing them for years.

Based on my diagnosis of this photo it looks like Tony has taken an old steel mountain bike fork, judging from the presence of the break bosses, and the curved legs and attached a 16 or 20 inch wheel to it for the rear end. He then welded the frame and crown to the bottom of the shopping cart. For the tow arm it appears he used a bent piece of 1 inch steal welded to the rear push side of the cart. I like how the kiddie flip down seat has been turned the other way, most likely acting as extra support for the tow arm. finally, the tow arm is welded to a seat post attachment system.

Tony suggested the caption for this trailer be “Peak Wheel” synonymous with Peak Oil, stating that when we reach peak oil prices we will have to start using less wheels, I assume he means motorized wheels. This is one of his solutions to the impending problem. Check out other bike cargo trailer solutions to the impending oil problem. Or how about we start taxing gas and using the money to buy bike trailers?

Tony has been quite prolific with interesting bike trailer ideas over the years. Have a look at this interesting bike tent trailer that we discussed a while back.

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